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Core Products

Every pool care regimen is supported by basic, but vital, building blocks that support a sound maintenance routine. With BAQUACIL's™ Core Products, you have access to foundational items needed to get started and keep your pool crystal clear all season long. Here, you can browse through the main products most pool owners will need. You can also talk with your Authorized BAQUCIL™ Dealer for recommendations on the best choices to suit your pool.

BAQUACIL™ Sanitizer and Algistat

The principle chemical in the BAQUACIL™ Pool Care System is a polymer-based liquid sanitizer that provides safe, consistent control of bacteria and algae. It has a long shelf life, is highly stable in water and lasts longer than chlorine without any of chlorine's unpleasant side effects.

SIZES (LBS.) 1/2 gal.

BAQUACIL™ Oxidizer

A chlorine-free liquid oxidizer specially-stabilized hydrogen peroxide used to clarify pool water by removing swimmer waste and other pool contaminants.

SIZES (LBS.) 1 gal.


A specially formulated product that is designed to maintain a residual BAQUACIL™ Oxidizer level in pool water for clear water all season long.

SIZES (LBS.) 1 gal. / 1/2 gal.

BAQUACIL™ Performance Algicide

A non-foaming algaecide used to control the growth of algae in swimming pools.  Highly effective against all types of algae.

SIZES (LBS.) 32 oz.

BAQUACIL™ Premium Algicide

A specialized algaecide used to remove existing algae growth in BAQUACIL™ pools. Excellent formula for persistent, recurring algae. Not for use in chlorine pools.

SIZES (LBS.) 32 oz.

BAQUACIL™ Algicide

A liquid algaecide that's proven effective against a wide range of slime and algae, including common types such as green, black and mustard algae.

SIZES (LBS.) 32 oz.