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The BAQUACIL® Pool Care System was developed to give you a clear, sparkling pool with far less work than ordinary chlorine-based systems.  Even so, problems can occur on occasion, and the treatment required may not be the same as for a chlorine-treated pool. If you have any questions, consult your local pool service company. 

I. Algae
BAQUACIL Sanitizer and Algistat, in addition to its effectiveness against bacteria, generally will give good algae control.  Download our Treating Algae Reference Sheet (PDF) for detailed instructions.

II. Foam
Sometimes foam will be caused by a simple mechanical defect, such as a leak in the plumbing/filter pump.  So it's a good idea to check for leaks first.  You should also check the calcium hardness level, to be sure your water is in balance.  If there are no leaks, and the calcium hardness level is acceptable, test your water for the BAQUACIL Sanitizer and Algistat.  If it is too high (above 50 ppm), or if your water has an almond-like taste (which would indicate too much BAQUACIL Algicide), you'll need to reduce those levels.

To do this, partially empty your pool, then refill it with fresh source water.  If the tests show your water is within all the proper ranges, you can use an antifoaming agent, such as BAQUACIL Foam Disperser.  Consult your Authorized BAQUACIL Dealer for details.

III.  Waterline Ring
Organic debris tends to accumulate around the waterline of all swimming pools.  Due to the  chemical nature of BAQUACIL Sanitizer and Algistat, you may have slightly heavier deposits, especially during the first few weeks after converting to the BAQUACIL CDX System.  You can clean the ring easily by using BAQUACIL Surface Cleaner.

IV.  Cloudy Water (Haze)
One of the major causes of hazy pool water is lack of adequate filtration.  If your filter is dirty or clogged, it can't operate at peak efficiency.  And sometimes, backwashing alone won't get it really clean.  In fact, backwashing a sand filter too often may actually reduce its effectiveness.  That's why you should deep-clean your filter chemically twice during the swimming season with BAQUACIL® Universal Filter Cleaner.  Download our Treating Haze Reference Sheet (PDF) for detailed instructions.

V.  Water Mold/Slime
If your pool is experiencing water clarity problems due to water mold or slime, download our Treating Water Mold Reference Sheet (PDF) for detailed instructions.

VI.  Eye Irritation
BAQUACIL Sanitizer and Algistat is much less likely to cause irritation than chlorinating chemicals.  But eye irritation, like an allergy, is a very personal thing.  If you get complaints from several swimmers, you should check the BAQUACIL Sanitizer and Algistat level and have your Authorized BAQUACIL Dealer do a complete water analysis.  If the water is in balance, but the BAQUACIL Sanitizer and Algistat level exceeds 50 ppm, you should reduce that level.  To do this, partially empty your pool, then refill it with fresh source water.  As always, consult your Authorized BAQUACIL Dealer.

VII.  Taste
Too much BAQUACIL Sanitizer and Algistat will make swimming pool water taste dry and bitter.  Too much BAQUACIL Algicide will give an almond-like taste and smell.  If either of these tastes should occur, you'll have to reduce the chemical's level.  To do this, partially empty your pool; then refill it with fresh source water.  Again, remember to consult your Authorized BAQUACIL Dealer for details